Pacing To

by Masm + Tamura

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Masm é Matheus Accioly, um artista alagoano novíssimo em termo de carreira que vem se destacando com o seu mais novo single/clipe ''Pedestais'' – onde você pode conferir aqui: – mas hoje a vibe dele é outra, sem sair das suas programações pops. Matheus se juntou de alguma forma através da internet com um cara filipino, o Tamura: – que aí conseguiram construir um disco fino de música eletrônica, o ''Pacing To''.

O duo é recente e esse EP é o único trabalho vazado até agora, esperando que saia mais um, e mais um, e mais um… Destaques para a faixa que vai te levar aos tempos primórdios do Pet Shop Boys, ''Hot Techniques'', a nostálgica ''Cathode Space'' e a noturna ''In Effigy''.

''Pacing To'' foi produzido em Maceió e nas Filipinas, pelos próprios – Masm é quem faz toda a parte instrumental e o vocal sensual estilo David Gahan do ''Cy Tamura''.

por Mário Alencar


released April 26, 2016


''Pacing To'' é um EP gravado entre Maceió e Filipinas em 2015

Cy Tamura - vocais
Matheus Accioly - teclados, programações e beats

produção por Matheus Accioly e Cy Tamura
capa por Cy Tamura


all rights reserved



Crooked Tree Records Maceió, Brazil

Selo virtual/Brazilian net-label DIY

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Track Name: Hot Techniques
To make
To make it solid
reach for your glory days
your glory days

To make
to make it solid
blister every stone
melt through the C-4

you’ve got a mission
you’re going to make it to
star avenue you
thought it was good enough to be true
you learned to make fire
burst from the plain of Mars

you looked down from the skyway
ticket on the dashboard
you drove desperate at the wheel
with all the smoke right behind you
after all that you comprehend
why amber was your friend

held these
things you’ve been
pulled towards

the cup means
the lesson
was the liquid

you sink your hand through aluminum sheets
butterizing every layer between
with all you can do all you can do is watch
the houses you once lived in below, leaking

bit by bit

held these
things you’ve been

you know you shouldn’t have
you know you shouldn’t have trusted
not even the simple things
like blowing down on the cartridge

you waited again by the mallside park
watching clouds change form
you should’ve have seen it then
you should’ve taken a hint

but you can keep yourself warm now
trade comfort for comfort, which is home
and home is the hearth
rising sparks, ash of a ghost

no you can’t go back tonight
not even honey tonight

I sat down by the TV wishing
what is it all - if not for movies like that
young and replete I turn down the volume
listen for the sound of crunching gravel

Cy Tamura
Track Name: As Soon As I Am Naked
as soon as I am naked
I’m already drifting
deep inside you

dark jade waters
cut my throat
you taught me how to swallow
generous giver

i’ve never seen a pool : your crystal
driven through, clanging, a
wedge in the crag

I left before five thirty
feeling a hurt in my jeans
I memorized the weight of the sky
in a dead man’s float

the sharpest beak
the sharpest wave

these are your gifts
the sulfur oyster spit
the sand under your fist
crushed in your afternoon

and I think I can hear music
when I slide a needle
across my skin, written
by stony waves

the arcade sings and
I know how to drown twice
once in the silence and once in the noise
can you call me Venus

I am the one who loves
between cups of slush
I celebrate the numbness
at the roof of my mouth

I still burn my tongue
I still forget to turn the faucet off
I was how I was
when you knew me first

there is a stillness
still under you

Cy Tamura
Track Name: Dawn
I know
this is a new day
but I
leave without
and yet
this is a new taste
I wonder so
Wish I

when it’s sailing in for you
sailing in for you
without a second glance
circling the answer

didn’t spare a flickering siderest
say you’re going in but you stay entirely

so it goes with your nicotine sadness
couldn’t wait when you’re opening the label
well here it is

I’ve only known dawn
kneeling in the basement while the screen is on
I say my prayer up down up down
at least I know how to keep my own promises

what do you know about decadence?
what do you know about the woods where I’ve been blessed
with the sureness of fractured TV prophets
“Now,” I thought, “here it is.”

begging to its daylight
bathing in the white lie
reaching through the ants’ war
to make me a vessel

this is a new day
I’m pushing through these aisles
and I leave without

the next day comes
over and over and over and over
you’re as washed as I was
there are things more permanent
than a ship through the trees

Cy Tamura
Track Name: Cathode Space
My mother leaves me here
past the sullen mannequins
in the black light I can take
my shoes off and rub my feet

on the glowing carpet in the aisles
of beeping cabinets
a city in a city in a city
right on the first, left on the second

December 30 it’s the year we start
watching our president in court
the year my father tells me not to be a pussy
they haven’t made any sandwiches again

i don’t want to go to school
i’m afraid of what they might do
surprise surprise we’ve got a gift for you
i don’t want to go home yet

lead me behind the screen
green greener than the sea

I always feel it leave my body as I enter
the bad air's left outside, the crashing
pedestrians, liquid colony, behind a pane
but I take the trail into fluorescent trees

inside the rods, inside the spaces
i’ll sing the shape first then last the flavor
crystal cola fruit just the kind that doesn’t
rot and i’ll laugh

walls have grown and doors have grown
familiar, safe in these maps I know
as I’m deeper I’ll greet Mr. White Rabbit
telling me: “right on the first, left on the second”

the arcade breaks with people screaming
must be the fire mages and their silly holidays
but of course, an exit, at the end it’s the game I used
to play, the one I used to like

the notched door frame
was a tread for my grip

letter has my same mistakes
but I don’t write like that
now it’s time to light a candle
and face a mirror bloody
mary bloody mary bloody mary
I’ll see something good

locked in a room
and the door frame holds me back
we both have fingerprints

find me
in time
both will
be mine

I will be told what to do
I’ll hear it if I twist the antenna
the promise will come to pass
me, by the Channelwood pump
a white pyramid

this is destiny
the yellows are seeking
indigo and light
rise again and again
clean your room

Cy Tamura
Track Name: In Effigy
1 am, I left the office after overtime
to make sure nobody would follow me
not that the midshift was any less forgiving,
still, better to be safe
this day and age

I pushed the glass door open
the seven’s lit alone in the parking lot
the cashier looked on with a furrowed brow
maybe he knew what I was doing by then
we eyed each other for a while

but he just went back to reading
his nursing manual, and I took out my list
not that I needed it, I should’ve memorized it already
there were a few things left to cross out
maybe it’s comfort blanket thing

two mung beans : two eyes
a brown cotton body, sewn together
red thread, shell pieces, cellophane
after getting the limbs right
whiteboard marker shoes

I think I wanted
to feel a sense of continuity
strawberry bootlaces

I suppose it was enough a semblance it wasn’t
needed to have it mirror-close I’ve stitched
it up and glued the rest in the car
it’d be good to know what keeps it together
through the burning of the night

bodies rolling in the spiral glass and piss
marked streets peeling towards the points
of impact - plastered nicknames
I knew it all

maybe I hoped
for the longest time
because of the prickly feeling
of arm hairs rising
It must’ve been reaching
out to me, through the screen

I stepped out and disappeared
through the looming trees I could
almost imagine him sitting up there
with long legs and a downturned gaze
watching me wade in the grass
staining my silly dolls

I made it to the abandoned lightning rod
placing myself on a sharp stick
without ceremony, I doused it in cooking oil
without ceremony, I flicked the lighter on

the way you can chain them together
if you lick the ends and squeeze
a sense of roundness

when the fires died
I picked through the ash
when the ashes settled
I dug a little plot
and covered what remained
with dirt and a flag
a jungle of flags in a jungle

two mung beans : two eyes
a brown cotton body, sewn together
red thread, stone pieces, cellophane

Cy Tamura

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